Homer's Travels: I Just Want To Sleep In

Saturday, June 08, 2013

I Just Want To Sleep In

I wanted to sleep in today.  Nothing extreme really.  9AM would be fine.

I was doing great until I woke up to the sound of a howling coyote.  This was a fist ... or maybe a second for me.  It's been so pleasant at night lately that we've been sleeping with the bedroom window open.  The coyote must not have been very far away because he came in loud and clear.  Iago, being the strange dog he can be, barely showed any interest.

A few hours later it was Iago's turn.  He gets fed at 6AM every morning and, if I don't wake up on time, he will get up, stare me in the face, and smack the bed with his tail which makes a very loud thumping sound.  If that's not enough, he's also learned he can make a racket by shaking his tags ... which he does when he wants attention.  Unfortunately he isn't the most accurate at telling time so sometimes he wakes me up at 4:30AM ... or 5:00AM ... or 5:30AM ... or all of the above.  Today it was only at 5:30 AM and 6AM.

I fed Iago and let him do his business and went back to bed just to wake up soon after when the neighbor decided to use his weed whacker at 8AM.  From that point on Iago kept getting up and staring at me like "Are you going to get up or what?"

I gave up at 8:30 AM which isn't far from 9AM but my sleep wasn't very restful after 5:30 AM.  I went out and made breakfast.  Iago, who had seemed very interested in me getting up , promptly fell asleep on the floor.

Maybe I'll have better luck sleeping in tomorrow ... yeah ... right ...

OK, my Saturday whine is over.  Please carry on.


  1. Maybe Iago never went onto Daylight Savings Time?

    1. GH: I haven't found a way to recet his stomach yet.