Homer's Travels: "There Is A Freedom In Walking" By Sara Zaleski

Friday, May 03, 2013

"There Is A Freedom In Walking" By Sara Zaleski

The wife knows me.  She has seen how the Camino has changed me and how important walking has become to my life.  She brought home the Steven Wright quote that's in the sidebar of Homer's Travels - it's sort of my motto.

This week she brought home a poem written by one of her students.  It captures a lot of how I feel when I hike.  So on this day when I walked 14.09 miles (22.7 km), with the permission of the student, I'm posting the poem:

There is a freedom in walking

by Sara Zaleski

There is a freedom in walking

A freedom not shown to those who wait

A freedom that allows life to be lived

That gives meaning to this world.

It is a freedom to learn life lessons

To experience breathing as never before

And accept love and seeing as new,

It is a freedom to find peace where it lies

and to take in the mystery of existence.

There is a freedom in walking.


  1. Replies
    1. Miss McC: The Wife has shown the comments to the author. She is pleased. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Awesome poem. Congrats to the writer.

    Can she write one for me that some how utilizes the word "blister" though? :)

    1. GH: The author has seen your comment and she says that a poem about blisters may be forth coming in the next few months or so.