Homer's Travels: Another "Dollar Store" Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another "Dollar Store" Christmas

Like my Christmas of two years ago, this year I asked the wife to just give my portion of the Christmas gift budget in cash so I could put it toward my next Camino.  Like the Christmas of two years ago, the Wife didn't want to open her presents alone so she this year she went to Wal-Mart and got me the following:
  • Two bags of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares
  • A giant bag of twizzlers (to go with the giant bag of twizzler nibs my mom gave me)
  • a bag of Fig Newtons
  • Two brownie mixes
  • A cake mix
  • 20 Scratch off lottery tickets
  • and a gift card from Google Play (Google's equivalent of iTunes).
In addition to this pile of awesomeness, Mom gave me a cool wireless remote outlet so I can turn things on without getting off the sofa, and cash (along with the aforementioned twizzler nibs).  Camino cash from the in-laws who gave everyone their entire Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary money for the year all at once making the MiL's life a lot easier.  The last, very thoughtful, gift was from one of the Wife's nieces who gave me a bag of products for treating aches, pains, and sore feet and, to top it off, a bag of pixie sticks (there a joke there).

My plan now is to carefully ration all the sugar I got for Christmas for as long as possible.  I will update when I finish the last gram of sugar ... hopefully before I go into a coma.

All in all a very satisfying Christmas.  So ... How did Santa treat you?

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