Homer's Travels: Ups ... Downs ... Oops!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ups ... Downs ... Oops!

What a weekend of ups and downs.  The up ... well, it was a big up for the Wife  on Saturday Notre Dame won its football game while Oregon and Kansas State lost theirs.  Notre Dame will now be #1 in the land.  To balance these good things the dishwasher decided to start leaking (It started leaking last week but that's just a minor detail).

This morning the Wife started cutting my hair when oops, wrong attachment and *swoosh* now I have a bald strip behind my right ear.  Not even sure what I did to deserve that.  The good thing is I can't see it and if someone points and smirks, the pointing and smirking will occur behind my back.

We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart this afternoon to buy a new dishwasher.  We ended up buying replacements for all our kitchen appliances.  This wasn't a major surprise since we'd been thinking of redoing the kitchen since we moved into the house and we even got a good deal.  We returned home to no internet service ... and no phone service ... and no cable television service.  (I had to compose this post using WordPad ... *shudder*)

I hope these aren't indications of a larger trend since Thanksgiving is just a few days away and would be fertile ground for disaster.

Looking at this list of things ... I really don't have it bad really.  The dishwasher will be replaced with a better one.  The internet, and everything else has returned to normal.  My hair will grow back.  Thanksgiving will be with family and if things happen ... well, Thanksgiving is only one day.

Everything will be O.K.


  1. Are you hosting Thanksgiving? If your dishwasher isn't installed by then, you know that dishwashing is a family bonding experience :)

    Yikes! Sorry about your hair! Hopefully your hair will grow quickly.

    Our wireless service constantly footzes out and makes me growly. I hope everything will be fixed this week for you!

    1. Miss McC: No, we're not hosting but we will be going early to help the MiL do some of the cooking and prep. The Dishwasher not working is a minor inconvenience.


  2. See you on Thanksgiving. I really enjoy your photography. Great pics from your trip.