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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just A Note Of Explanation

I haven't been writing much this week.  Last Sunday the Father-in-Law (FiL) had an episode - not sure what to call it ... maybe a seizure -  that left him unconscious on the living room floor.  He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  They found he had an enlarged heart and that the different parts of his heart weren't cooperating.  He was air lifted to a hospital in Des Moines where he got a pacemaker/defibrillator installed.  He returned home on Thursday.

The FiL is doing well.  His new part is doing its job.  The hardest part of all this will be the change in habits and diet that will follow.  No driving for six months will be the most difficult but I know he will figure out a way to cope.

All this drama really messed up this week for the Wife and I but being with the FiL and MiL while this was all happening was important to us.  A special thanks to the Wife's Brother and his wife - they were really there for the FiL and MiL.  We both ended the week exhausted, both physically and mentally - can't imagine how the MiL felt.

I managed to publish a rather mediocre Nepal post this week but nothing much else.  Now that the FiL is back home and feeling better, things will start to return to normal.


  1. Yikes! Glad he's better, but it sounds like a lot is going to change now. Take all the time you need, sir!

  2. Sheesh. Busy family year!
    Glad to hear things look on the upside.

    1. JaG: It has been. We want things to just calm down a bit ... please!