Homer's Travels: Anyone Up For An Artistic Challenge?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anyone Up For An Artistic Challenge?

So, when you load Homer's Travels, up in the tab you see a little icon.  This icon, a white 'B' on an orange background is called a Favicon.

The rather dull default Blogger favicon.
I've been thinking about designing a custom one for Homer's Travels.  Unfortunately my artistic ability and creativity when it comes to things like this are limited.  For a while I thought about using this one:

Chinese characters for "Homer".
I'm just not sure how this favicon would fit with Homer's Travels.  I contemplated this dilemma and thought, I bet there are people out there, people who occasionally visit Homer's Travels, who have the skill and creativity to design a kick-ass Favicon.  I know at least one who is very talented at drawing and illustration.

So I submit to you, Homer's Travels readers, what should my new Favicon be?  Better yet, design one and email it to me.  It should be either JPG, PNG, or ICO format, less than 100KB in size, and square (preferably 31 x 31 pixels but it can be larger).  It should be relatively simple as it will be shrunken down to tiny size and I would imagine that simpler pictures would shrink better.

This is not a real contest.  The only prize will be to see your work displayed on the browser tab every time you visit Homer's Travels.  I'll also add a "Favicon designed by ..." blurb in the sidebar if you want.  Since my readership is rather limited , I suspect there will be very few, if any, submissions but, if there are more than one submitted, I will have the final say.  It is my Blog after all.

Most important, have fun with this.  Let the creative juices ... flow!

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