Homer's Travels: Hiking Iowa: Wabash Trace Nature Trail - Coin to Blanchard

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hiking Iowa: Wabash Trace Nature Trail - Coin to Blanchard

This week, Tuesday, with little fanfare and somewhat anticlimactically, I completed the Wabash Trace Nature Trail.  The last segment I hiked was the southernmost between the town of Coin and the Iowa-Missouri state line in Blanchard.

The section is about 11.32 miles round trip and follows the main road between Coin and Blanchard.  As I approached the end I was expecting at least a kiosk indicating that you'd reached the end.  What I found was a rusty iron ranger.  There wasn't even a sign marking the state border.  The trail continued south but I decided to stop at the state line.  I'd arrived at the end of the Wabash Trace.

I walked into town.  Blanchard is a pretty small place.  They do have a post office and a few commercial buildings but not much else.  On the way out of town I was chased by a fierce looking dog who I suspect was more bark than bite.  I was also howled at by a bloodhound - funny looking dogs them bloodhounds.

I managed to take a picture of an owl on this hike.  It was far away, resting on an electric pole.  I also saw an Oriole, a first for me.  These pictures, and all pictures I've take on the Wabash Trace, can be found in my 2009-2013 Wabash Trace Nature Trail Hike Google Photos album.

Another first, someone actually asked me how far I'd walked.  Most people just ignored me as I walked through their towns and by their farms.  A man in Coin took the time to ask.  I took the time to answer.

So I completed the entire Wabash Trace Nature Trail.  All 62.3 ± miles (124.6 miles since I walked there and back).  I managed to do it in 10 segments.  I hope to do some segments on bike this summer with the Wife.  

My next endeavor will be the Steamboat Trace.  I'll post about that hike sometime in the next week.  It will be the longest and hardest hike I've ever attempted.


  1. The one thing about this trail I am definitely jealous of is the small town aspect. In Southern California, it always seems that you're either IN the city, or on the train and NOT in the city. City or wilderness, with nothing in between like small towns...

  2. GH: The small towns do spice up the trail. There must be some towns along the Pacific Crest Trail.

    Hiking by train ... very innovative.

  3. YOU DID IT!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm very happy for you. I know that it was becoming a pain in the butt for you, but I am glad you finished it. :)

  4. Miss McC: Thank you. I'm glad I finished it as well. Now on to harder things.