Thursday, December 08, 2016

The South Omaha Trail - A Nice Newish Trail

I went for a walk on Tuesday.  I decided to follow the newly finished South Omaha Trail.  When I say newly finished I mean it's been finished sometime in the last year ... or two.

Walking Companions
Canadian Geese followed me briefly on the Keystone Trail on their way to Papio Creek.

The South Omaha Trail connects the Keystone Trail that runs just east of our home to the Field Club Trail.  The trails runs roughly 3.75 miles (6 km).  It has been half finished for awhile while the city got the necessary federal permits to finish the trail (part of the trail runs along federal highway land).  I'd ridden and walked along the unfinished trail but on Tuesday I walked the whole thing.

The last portion of the trail is awesome.  It is very well done with simulated stone retaining walls and almost wavelike smooth concrete along the edges on some of the downhill sections.  I was impressed by the workmanship of the trail.  Omaha is slowly becoming more and more bikeable which is a step in the right direction.  With this connector finished I could bike the ten or so miles from my house to the city's downtown area.

This short trail was just a portion of the path I walked on Tuesday.  I added a lot of street distance including past a new set of roundabouts at 42nd and Q.  Roundabouts are fairly rare in Omaha but they are becoming more common ... another positive development in my opinion.  I ended up doing 16 miles (25.75 km) in all.  I was a bit sore when I got home.  This was to be expected since I haven't kept up on my walking as I should have.

I hope to go for another walk on Friday but that all depends on how this cold the Wife passed on to me progresses.  If I feel good I'll walk but if I feel like I'm dieing, then I'll be watching the Walking Dead on the DVR.  Kind of appropriate I would say.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

First Bloom

The Christmas cactus has its first bloom today.  By coincidence last year's first bloom was also on the seventh of December.  This is from a clipping of the original 'old lady'.  Sadly the 'ol' lady' did not survive being transplanted into a larger pot.  Not sure what happened since I was very careful with her.  Fortunately this clipping is doing great and a second clipping I have is also going to bloom soon.

Chistmas Cactus First Bloom
2016 First Bloom - the holiday season has officially started.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

You Want How Many Pairs?

I made another purchase in preparation for my Appalachian Trail (AT) hike next spring:  Shoes.  I've been wearing Salomon Eskape Aero hiking shoes for a couple years now and I really like them.  They are comfortable, lightweight, and, while not waterproof, dry fast.  I guesstimated that I would need a new pair every five to six hundred miles or five pairs for the entire AT.

Salomon Eskape Aero
My current Salomon Eskape Aeros 
The shoe model is old and I noticed that they are no longer listed on the Solomon website.  Fortunately on Amazon I was able to find three different vendors that still carried them and were selling them at clearance prices.  I order a pair each from two vendors and four pair from a third.

The third vendor, the one I ordered four from, sent me an email asking if I was sure I wanted four pair.  Made me chuckle a bit though it wasn't a laughing matter for him since his shipping charges (Free to me but not for him) would probably wipe out his profit.  I explained that I was hiking the AT next year and I expected to destroy five pairs of these shoes over the 2,200 miles (3,540 km) of the trail.  His response was very nice:
"That's actually really awesome that you are doing that.   I wish you well with your adventure."
Since the shoes were mostly on clearance, the color choices were limited.  Apparently the red ones are the least popular so I ended up with four pair of red shoes.  I'll be styling on the AT. 😆

For those wondering why I ordered a sixth pair, my current shoes are worn out and I need that extra pair.

Monday, December 05, 2016

A Sign Of Our Deplorable Times

I saw this on my walk the other day.  It was painted on the sidewalk across the street from the Ralston Middle School.  Sad 😢

A Sign of our Deplorable Times
A sad sign of our times.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Christmas Snow Laser Light Show

A bonus post.  It is really cool when the snow falls through the laser light projectors.  You get a glittering green and red light show!

Christmas Snow Laser Show
Laser Light Snow Show
I made a video of the snow falling through the laser projectors too but it is not as impressive as the real thing.

Photograph: "First Snow"

I interrupt my brief posting break to announce we received our first snow today.  😊

2016-12-03_First Snow
"First Snow"
by Bruce H.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Successful But Sad End To NaBloPoMo

I set out to post every day during the month of November and I am proud to say that, despite almost forgetting to post a couple of times, I met the challenge.  The last post of the month was a very sad one for me to write.

I'm planning to continue posting each day for awhile, I think.  As many of my posts last month, they will not all be deep thoughtful dives and I suspect many of them with just be photographs.

Something to remember.
But first I need to take a short break.  I'm going to take a few days off to collect my thoughts.  I will restart my posting on Monday unless something exciting comes up that just screams to be posted about.  Until then, Love Life.